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When to hire the SENIOR service?

  • When you are a worldwide PCO needing local support
  • When your organization has an in-house PCO and needs to solve conference staff
  • When the meeting management is made by the organization without in-house PCO assistance
  • When you don´t have enough staff to cover up your needs during the meeting
  • When you need more than a promoter;  conference specialized staff
  • When you require a Staff Coordinator to supervise and manage the staff during the conference

What can we offer?
Pre-meeting meeting with our COO in order to counsel on:

  • Scope
  • Total staff needed
  • Profile required

Staff general profile:

  • Multilingual staff
  • Conferences specific tasks experience.
  • Service commitment
  • Neat appearance
  • Obligingness
  •  Publics dealing experience

How do we do it?
Our work begins once the objectives and the scope of meeting staff had been defined and you shall start recruiting, selecting and hiring the most qualified ones.

If your Company or Society is planning to organize a scientific conference or a corporative meeting and you want to count on with experienced and qualified professionals, our SENIOR service will overcome your expectations, caring for every little detail.


SENIOR service was designed in response to those costumers managing their own meetings and only requires conference specialized staff during their meetings.

When to hire the SENIOR service?