Grupo Elis


We will design an interactive website and upload (or let you do so) updated information of the meeting.
While you are dedicated to the creation of scientific and technical content of you next conference, our personal will manage registrations and collections, which can be monitored (total number of registrations, amount collected, etc.) from any PC with Internet connection, 24 x 7.
We can manage for you the annoying tasks of answering phone-calls and emails, billing and debt collection, leave this in expert and professional hands. We provide with an adequate website tool, and in addition to our highly trained staff, we assure you the maximum security in the process.
What can we offer?

  • Interactive website
  • Online registration system
  • Credit card payment platform.
  • Western Union or bank wire payment platform
  • Online updated reports

Others services that can be added to REGISTRATIONS MANAGEMENT:

  • Room access control; bar code, QR code and other systems
  • Supplier’s payment
  • Debt collections from worldwide sponsors

How we do it?
We operate an interactive website with and standardized design that allows you to manage (receive and collect) online registrations. In addition, our specialized staff is used to work with this tool and generate periodically reports, setting up the status of the meeting.

Likewise, our technical department will provide you with and username and a password, so you will be able to see whenever you want the registration status and access to the statistics information, in order to check it when taking decisions.

If your Company or Society is planning to organize a scientific conference or a corporative meeting and you want to count on with experienced and qualified professionals, avoiding the annoying task of manage registrations, no doubt REGISTRATIONS MANAGEMENT is what you need.

Registrations management

REGISTRATIONS MANAGEMENT is a suitable tool for the efficient administrative managing of meetings registration.

WEBSITE REGISTRATION TOOL – Designed to operate your conference registration website; this tool will allow you to manage registrations, collections and control room accesses.