Grupo Elis

When to hire Congresos Elis?
Once the responsibility of organizing a national or international congress has been designated to you and you would like experts and professionals to manage the coming meeting.

What can we offer?

Work methodology

  • Market research
  • Planning
  • Planning implementation
  • Control
  • Metrics and evaluation

Qualify and experienced staff

  • Collaborative environment
  • Trained and updated staff
  • Costumer commitment
  • Multilingual staff
  • Internal and external evaluations
  • Continuous improvement

Before the conference
Market research: research and analysis of same and similar past meetings, which helps planning the objectives and strategies of this upcoming meeting, in order to achieve them.

Goals of the upcoming meeting:

  • Objectives
  • Feasibility
  • Business plan
  • Work plan
  • Role and chores definition

During the conference:

  • Secretariat location in the venue.
  • PCO managing software
  • Secretariat and in-room staff

After the conference

  • Data-collection
  • Statistics
  • Acknowledge notes
  • Final report
  • Lessons learnt

How do we do it?

Our work begins once the objectives and the scope of the meeting had been defined. Since then, we start the planning of each chore, applying quality controls in the implementation, always in permanent communication con the conferences authorities.

If your Company or Society is planning to organize a scientific conference or a corporative meeting and if you would like to make something unique, special and unrepeatable, do not hesitate in contact Congresos Elis.

Congresos Elis

CONGRESOS ELIS is a company oriented to meetings management in Uruguay and abroad. We advise, plan and managed in the most professionally way your next meeting.

“Congresos a su medida” (Tailored congresses) is more than a motto, it is our particular way to manage and develop your project, taking care for every detail to achieve unforgettable and unrepeatable meetings.

More than 20 years organizing meetings, more than 400 conferences organized and more than 130 worldwide clients endorse our experience.

When to hire Congresos Elis?